All our Yoga Gear is made from organic bamboo which makes it both safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly. The skin can breathe easily and the fabric is light enough for the summer warmth. The bamboo is grown in accordance to the international organic standards, so as to ensure each bamboo stalk is of 100% natural growth and without any chemical pesticides. This means that every company working with bamboo starts with the same raw material and that this material is not contaminated. We wish you many hours of sthira and sukha (steadiness and spaciousness )on your yoga mats with our new range of Yoga Gear ! For inquiries call Cheryl on 032 5861219 or 0840902083.

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The dragonfly, like the butterfly, symbolises change, metamorphosis.

It starts with a most humble beginning in the muddy waters of dams and rivers. After a short time inversed in this liquid environment, it climbs onto a stalk and wings are formed. It lifts upwards, spreading the effervescent light from the delicate wings that beat so strongly. It is this sense of gentle power and all pervading light that inspired me to create this soft, pliable yet durable range of active wear. Wear and enjoy the love and light that has been placed in each and every stitch. The fabric is organically and responsibly grown bamboo. Perfect for our warm and humid climate.

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